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Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes

With the prices of real estate and environmental pollution skyrocketing, mobile homes have come to the fray to offer a helpful solution. Mobile homes are prefabricated houses built on a permanent structure but can be moved from place to place. Mobile homes are also called trailer or caravan homes. They can be transported from the place of manufacture to a permanent location or the owners can move them temporarily to other locations if they so please. Mobile homes today can be quite large and their primary use is as vacation homes. The owners can transport to wherever they want to spend their holiday. Mobile homes need very firm structures underneath o hold them together such as frames, axles and wheels.

Most mobile homes are made from steel frames ad can contain up to 5 bedrooms. Steel frames cannot combust and they are resistant to termites, rodents and insects. To keep to the environmental friendly theme, mobile homes mainly use natural light, solar and wind power and contain grey and atmospheric water recyclers. The homes can range from 10ft by 16ft to 40ft by 76ft. The latter would pass as a permanent house anywhere. Mobile homes contain all the necessities of a house including a kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets and plumbing.

Mobile homes have to be located at mobile home or trailer parks as per regulations. The parks work on a land lease basis and the communities can contain anywhere from 5 to 1000 mobile homes. Modern mobile parks provide all the services and amenities you would expect to find in a regular home such as garbage collection, security services and playgrounds. Mobile homes are incredible innovations that can be used as temporary houses in the case of a natural disaster. They reduce the environmental impact of many homes many times over while allowing for the fun of travel.